At Pawsify we offer 100% completely free Worldwide Shipping
We aim to dispatch all orders  within 24 business hours. Deliveries take 7 – 24 business days and in rare cases 30+ business days. Should your items not arrive within the 30 business days please get in contact with our support team.


Shipping Times

Most of our orders are shipped by EMS. International orders most often take between 7 and 30 days to arrive at their destination, but sometimes take up to 45 days depending on where you are in the World. Occasionally, depending on various factors like customs, Worldwide orders can take in excess of 45 days to arrive.

If you have any issues or have not received your products within 30 days please contact our support.


Our packages are nearly always beneath local taxation thresholds, but on very rare occasions deliveries are held by customs for various reasons.

This is out of our control and there is nothing that we can do to help you.

If it takes too long for customs to release your delivery, and if they haven’t contacted you, please give them a call.

Delayed Deliveries

As we offer free worldwide delivery, very rarely our international packages can either be stuck in one place for a long time or the tracking information cannot always be accurate.

Should you encounter a delayed delivery or your item does not arrive within 30 business days please get in contact with our support team so we can help track your items down.