Colourful dog bed with ears

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Product Description

This colourful dog bed with ears is super soft and cosy. Using high quality materials this dog bed also includes a removable dog bed insert for easy washing or travelling.

Available in sizes small, medium and large

Dog Bed Size Guide

Small: Length: 34 cm, Width: 36cm, Height 25cm

Medium: Length: 44 cm, Width: 46 cm, Height 34 cm

Large: Length: 48 cm, Width: 55 cm, Height 57 cm


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Size Guide

Please measure your size requirements before ordering, sizes are as follows:
Small: Length: 34 cm, Width: 36cm, Height 25cm
Medium: Length: 44 cm, Width: 46 cm, Height 34 cm
Large: Length: 48 cm, Width: 55 cm, Height 57 cm


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